Item Number: B885548
Manufacturer Part ID: 60-6700
Manufacturer: IRONguard
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    60-6700 Knuffi 90-Degree Corner Bumper Guard, Type A, 196-3/4"L x 1-9/16"W, Black & Yellow, 60-6700
    Knuffi 90-Degree Corner Bumper Guard, 196-3/4"L x 1-9/16"W, Black & Yellow, 60-6700, Type A

    Knuffi warning and protective bumper guards act as a buffer zone for people, machines and objects; absorbing hard impacts and preventing injury and damage. Injury to personnel and downtime due to repairs can be a thing of the past. The black and yellow warning markings help reduce accidents and highlight danger at edges, gaps and obstacles. Knuffi performs well in temperatures from -40F to +212F and includes durable acrylic adhesive that is aging resistant making them versatile for both indoors and outdoors, i.e., high traffic areas, hallways, corridors, machinery, forklifts, shelves and much more Type A, AA & E Corner Bumpers have a 90 degree cut-out ideal for corners and other right angle surfaces. Includes 2 self-adhesive strips. Type B, BB & G Edge Bumpers have a narrow groove to slide onto narrow I-beam shelves. Type C & CC Surface Bumper has a flat back with 2 self-adhesive strips to apply to walls, machines and other flat surfaces. Type D & F Flat Bumpers are a flat narrow strip with 2 adhesive strips that is ideal for walls, doors and equipment. Type R30 Pipe Bumper is a pipe marker with 2 self-adhesive strips to mark pipes and curved obstacles. Black Protective Corners E2D/E3D can be used with Type E and H2D/H3D can be used with Type H bumpers to reinforce corner surfaces. These end caps create continuous bumpers that can be used on sharp furniture corners.

    Color: Yellow/Black
    Material: Polyurethane Foam Free of CFC's
    Length: 18
    Width: 18
    Height: 2
    Actual Weight:5
    WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.