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      Electrical supplies include everything from AC and DC power supplies to electrical connectors, lighting fixtures and wire. Other commonly used electrical supplies are batteries, testers, switches, dimmers and terminals. Virtually every piece of equipment used in or on an electrical system is considered an electrical supply. Here at National Supply Network we have it all. Just name it and we sell it.

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      Within each general category of electrical supplies, there is a wide assortment of products. Testers, for example, include circuit analyzers, clamp meters and continuity meters, and batteries range from low voltage, single use AA batteries to rechargeable heavy duty units. Tools associated with electrical supplies are flashlights, wire strippers, crimpers, saws and various cutters. There are also a variety of specialized screwdrivers and drills used in electric work, as well as various hand tools designed for particular tasks. These tools include wire and fuse pullers, benders and wire connectors. 

      Additionally, a number of vendors and manufacturers offer an extensive variety of standard electrical products, which may serve purchasers looking for a single source for most of their electrical equipment.

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     If you're not locating the item on our website but see the manufacturers name or brand we likely have availability. Please use our contact us page, for additional help on any of your building electrical products or electrical construction project needs!