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Item Number: 124036
Manufacturer Part ID: 5IN-30FT-R
Manufacturer: GutterBrush LLC
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    5IN-30FT-R GutterBrush Gutter Protection

    While GutterBrush resembles a large flexible bottle brush with stiff bristles, it is actually a simple, effective, and affordable gutter protection system. Specifically, GutterBrush is a cylinder shaped, twisted in wire, brush with UV protected, polypropylene bristles anchored through a 12-gauge galvanized steel wire core that is crimped at each end with a special cutting method. When placed in a rain gutter, stiff GutterBrush bristles fill the entire gutter and provide 360 deg. protection by preventing leaves and other debris from entering the gutter and impeding water flow. Water continues to flow freely into the gutter, through the GutterBrush bristles and down the drain path. Small leaves or pine needles may be caught temporarily in the top of the brush, but generally will not reach the bottom of the gutter where they can create a clog. This limited debris remains suspended in the top of the brush where natural cycles of rain, wind, and sun cause most debris to break down and/or blow away. GutterBrush is incredibly easy-to-install or remove for any necessary adjustments and requires no tools, nails, cutting, or drilling. GutterBrush works with any roof or gutter type and does not interfere with your existing roof or gutter system. Just slide the 3' brush sections into your gutters and you are done. (Please make sure gutters are clean prior to installation). Insist on the quality and performance of the original GutterBrush - Simple Gutter Guard. All gutter protection systems allow some debris to enter gutters and may require limited maintenance. This is why so many professional contractors and DIY prefer a system that is easy-to-install, remove, and clean if needed. Length: 3'; Brush Diameter 4.25". 10 each 3 Ft. brush per box.

    No. 5IN-30FT-R: Gutter Size: 5 In., Gutter Style: K-Style, Length: 30 Ft., Material: UV Protected Polypropylene Bristles, Color: Black, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Box