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SH144 Shoo-Fly Wasp & Hornet Killer by Lynwood Laboratories SKU # 738152
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SH144 Shoo-Fly Wasp & Hornet Killer SKU # 738152Wasp and hornet killer. Shoots up to 25 feet for a safe distance when spraying nests. Non-conductive up to 47,300 volts. Kills hornets, wasps, bees, and yellow jackets instantly. Residual action lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. Contains 0.1% tetramethrin and permethrin 0.25%. For indoor or outdoor use. Ozone friendly. 12 ounce spray. No. SH144: Size: 12 Oz., Product Form: Liquid, Application Type: Aerosol Spray, Spray Distance: 25 Ft., Active Ingredient:...