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Item Number: GI-B381677
Manufacturer Part ID: BH15RR
Manufacturer: Powerblanket
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    BH15RR Powerblanket; Insulated Drum Heater BH15RR 15 Gallon Capcity 100;F Fixed
    Powerblanket BH15RR - Heated and Insulated Electric 15 Gallon Drum Heater with Rapid Ramp Technology.

    The new BH15RR is 120 Volt and engineered to achieve a maximum blanket temperature of 100;F (+/- 10;F). The Rapid Ramp technology is a smart feature of the blanket that allows for an accelerated initial "heat-up" time. Through a network of thermal switches, the blanket will utilize 320 watts (2.67 Amps) to rapidly bring the system to 100F (+/- 10;F). As soon as the blanket achieves 100F (+/- 10F), the blanket reduces power consumption to 160 watts (1.33 Amps) to maintain the desired 100;F (+/- 10;F). With Rapid Ramp technology, you will get amazing initial heating, while avoiding under- and over-heating your products. UL/CSA compliant. 1 Year Limited Warranty.

    Color: Black
    Material: Flexible Carbon Fiber / Electrical / Vinyl
    Length: 30
    Width: 10
    Height: 10
    Actual Weight:7