Item Number: B2319255
Manufacturer Part ID: GI516710
Manufacturer: Filtration Group - Havc
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gi516710 filtration group - havc 25"w x 20"h x 10"d cube merv 9 air filter - 3 pocket -global industrial™

25w x 20h x 10d cube merv 9 air filter - 3 pocket -global industrial™ the synthetic cube filter incorporates distinct filter layers, self-supported media sewn around a galvanized internal wire frame with an extended media format. the multi surfaces and graduated-density media give high efficiency and long service life. self-gasketing design can often eliminate the need for extra mounting hardware. self-gasketing design prevents air by-pass. will not promote microbial growth. can be used as a pre-filter. media is non-allergenic, unaffected by moisture, humidity and most corrosive chemicals. sleeve rolls available without galvanized steel frame. weight: 3.8
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