Item Number: B1735033
Manufacturer Part ID: 2500-BL-PL
Manufacturer: Chemsol
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    2500-bl-pl chemsol chemsol 2500 nonslip coating, extremely durable antislip paint, 5 gal. blue - 2500-bl-pl

    chemsol 2500 nonslip coating, extremely durable antislip paint, 5 gal. blue - 2500-bl-pl chemsol's high-technology safety coatings are engineered to solve a variety of problems at the industrial, commercial and residential levels. our products are nonslip/nonskid and have high coefficient of friction in wet and dry conditions. we engineer and custom formulate solutions for our customers' particular needs. our primary aim is to increase safety and durability with a coating solution that is easy to apply, easy to clean and offers a robust one-part application. indoor or outdoor, wet or dry, our coatings are proven performers. for best performance, ensure that the surface is prepared correctly for epoxy application, and apply nonslip topcoats to the correct substrate-dependent primer system. all coatings are designed for use on the following (use a correct primer):

      wood (waterborne primer) concrete (waterborne primer) metal (metal primer) fiberglass (metal primer) pvc (metal primer) asphalt (acrylic primer) features of our coatings:
        easily applied indoor and outdoor use can be textured to user preference (rough or flat) extremely durable environmentally friendly, low voc and hap free chemsol 2500
          indoor or outdoor zero voc coating, no odor or air hazards very high coefficient of friction very high mil thickness, highly durable multiple profiles/aggressiveness best selling coating all industrial/manufacturing settings: metals, plastics, food processing weight: 82
          lead time days: 3
          returnable item: this item is not refundable or returnable!